Bluejacket Bar values old fashioned business principles that keep our customers coming back to us.  We talk with our clients to ensure they understand the work we carry out and to also check with them if they are satisfied with the service they are provided.

Whether your vehicle is old or new, our service team has the toolkit both the mechanical skills and the knowledge to get the job done. We are very much familiar with the vehicles inside out, so whatever issues you are having with your car or truck, we are the best one to call. We offer fair and reasonable rates to get you back on the road ASAP.

BlueJacketBar will be the one to call and no need to travel distance to the where you initially bought your car from, when you get services done right where with us without voiding your warranty and we ensure to check all angles for your car’s safety and protection.

Whether your job, business, company is large or small, you will feel at ease knowing your car is in good hands. A variety of services like Mechanical repairs, Tyres, brakes and suspension, batteries and auto electric are completely covered with BlueJacketBar.