BlueJacketBar is not a clothing brand but a jacket manufacturer in Cambodia. Established in 1979, a manufacturer of clothing apparel, to being a manufacturing for the many of the world’s best clothing brands. BlueJacketBar uses environmentally sustainable production and practices together with our highly skilled workers that brought us to where we are now. Whether you are a fashion pioneer, a designer or a business company looking for a great production partner to work as a team with you, BlueJacketBar is here to fill that space.

Over the years, BlueJacketBar have become a powerhouse in the world of clothing apparel manufacturing only by completely understanding even the smallest detail involved in partnering with our clients. We guarantee you that your brand will find BlueJacketBar to be the best partner for all your clothing manufacturing needs.

At BlueJacketBar, we value the chance to work with you and we guarantee to provide on time delivery, exceptional customer service and finest quality.